Elena Koulidobrova
    Koulidobrova, Elena

    Central Connecticut State University  Estados Unidos


    Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics, Department of English Director, CT Bilingualism & English Language Learning Research Lab Coordinator, Applied Linguistics & TESOL. Elena ‘Helen’/ ‘HK’ Koulidobrova is originally from Ukraine. Now she lives and works in the USA where she has been an educator for over 20 years. Her passion is an equitable approach to multilingual education in minoritized contexts. She researches the structure of American Sign Language in typological comparison with indigenous spoken languages, multilingual acquisition of signers of various sign languages (such as Emirati Sign Language and Icelandic Sign Language) by children and adults, and language policy associated with indigeneity of sign languages. Recently, Helen also began working with indigenous communities of the Americas (e.g. Kichwa in Ecuador, Iskonawa and Quechua in Peru, and Anishinaabeg in Canada).



    The language of ‘access’ to COVID-information in Quechua and Shipibo communities in Peru; and Kichwa in Ecuador