Liliana Sánchez
    Sánchez, Liliana

    University of Illinois, Chicago  Estados Unidos


    Professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her publications include “Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking world” with J. Austin and M. Blume (Cambridge University Press, 2015), “The Morphology and Syntax of Topic and Focus: Minimalist Inquiries in the Quechua Periphery” (John Benjamins, 2010), and “Quechua-Spanish Bilingualism: Interference and Convergence in Functional Categories” (John Benjamins, 2003). She has served as a consultant to the Ministry of Education in Peru on topics related to Intercultural Bilingual Education.



    The language of ‘access’ to COVID-information in Quechua and Shipibo communities in Peru; and Kichwa in Ecuador