Rivera, Juan

    Universität Tübingen  Alemania


      Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos  Perú


    Postdoctoral researcher at the College of Researchers (University of Tübingen) and at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Peru). Born in the highlands of Peru to indigenous ancestors, he graduated in Anthropology in his homeland and obtained his doctorate from the Complutense University of Madrid (2007) on Quechua rituals related to human-animal relationships. Since then, he has taught and conducted research in Latin America, the United States (at the Smithsonian Institution), and at various research centers in Europe (NIAS in the Netherlands, PIASt in Poland, UAB in Spain, FMSH in France, among others).



    Indigenous Local Archives and Collections among the Cañari People of Peru: An Ethnographic Perspective on Currently Existing and Ideally Potential Inventories


    During my long term fieldworks in the Peruvian central Andes and Northern Peru, I collected a complex variety of texts both in Spanish and in Quechua: schedules of rituals, institutional documents, native language vocabularies, myths, religious songs, local history and folklore descriptions, poetry and autobiographical writing. I published some of these texts in 2018 (Buenos Aires: Colección Ethnographica. This presentation would make a first attempt to elaborate a pending classification on the above-mentioned indigenous collections. This taxonomy should take into account previously known samples from other regions and previous efforts to situate them, but the main focus will be on exploring the native criteria used by the producers of these texts themselves. At the same time, it is obviously important to analyse how that their chosen supports, emulated formats and specific contents intersect (or clash, or camouflage…) with key aspects of their potential recipients, regional political relations and sought goals.