Dani Pérez
    Pérez, Daniel

    University of Illinois, Chicago  Estados Unidos

    Oralidad Modernidad  Ecuador


    Postgraduate student at the University of Chicago in Illinois (UIC). He has conducted studies on Ecuadorian Andean Spanish and has collaborated in research on linguistic landscape, linguistic contact, and multimodal studies. He is a member of the research group of the Oralidad Modernidad Program, Ecuador.



    Appropriation of the virtual space and creation of the linguistic landscape in Ecuadorian Sign Language


    In Ecuador, there is a lack of compliance with laws that guarantee the communication rights of disability groups. During the onset of the COVID-19 health emergency in 2020, the increased circulation of oral information in public and private media once again highlighted the inaccessibility of informative content for the deaf communities in Ecuador. This descriptive-analytical and synchronous research explores the Linguistic Landscape [LL] of a sign language, the Ecuadorian Sign Language [ESL]. The objective is to analyze how deaf communities take over the virtual space through the production of ESL in LL in emergency contexts, using linguistic and semiotic analysis. The virtual space of the deaf community was explored through the Facebook page of the National Federation of People of Ecuador [known in Spanish as FENASEC], from which a corpus of data was collected. The results show that the deaf community takes over the virtual space mainly using video format, which allows them to create and transmit messages in their language. In this way, they demonstrate their resistance to their limited information access by creating a communication and self-identification niche.