Desafíos en la Diversidad



Quito, Ecuador | Septiembre 12-15
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Mirian Mugmal
Mugmal, Mirian

Red de Revitalizadores Kichwas, Imbabura  Ecuador


Technologist in Tourism Administration, linguistic activist, Diploma in Linguistic Revitalization. Currently, she is the coordinator of Kichwa Yachayta Sisachikkuna – Red de Revitalizadores-Imbabura and works as an academic assistant for the Kichwata Sisachishpa project, and as a Kichwa facilitator for the Sapikuna 2023 project.



Revitalization network


Recently six projects have been strategically created in the revitalization of formal and informal aspects of teaching, culture, language teaching for adults, media, family transmission and public administration. These projects for sustainability form a network of revitalizers of Kichwa that mutually support each other within public or private institutions with the objective of achieving a broader impact of recovery and strengthening of Kichwa in Imbabura’s society.