David Macías
    Macías Barrés, David

    Université de Lyon III  Francia


    Full-time Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Lyon 3 – Jean Moulin (UJML3). He is affiliated with the Center for Linguistic Studies (CEL) at UJML3 and is also the coordinator of the linguistic axis at the Center for Studies (CEE) at the University of Paris Nanterre. His research focuses on the articulation between formal and applied linguistics. More specifically, within the scope of Ecuadorian studies, his research revolves around identity discourses, local linguistic identities, as well as public, private, local, national, and international policies and mechanisms for the preservation and promotion of Ecuadorian cultures and languages. For more information, please visit: http://facdeslangues.univ-lyon3.fr/m-macias-barres-david-abraham-950419.kjsp



    Language, Variation, and Ethnicity on the Ecuadorian Coast: Montuvios and Cholos. A Challenge for Documentation