Desafíos en la Diversidad



Quito, Ecuador | Septiembre 12-15
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Sandra Issel-Dombert
Issel-Dombert, Sandra

Ruhr-Universität Bochum   Alemania


She is currently working on her habilitation project on the sociolinguistic situation of Filipino domestic workers in Madrid, Spain (financed by the German Research Foundation, DFG). Other of her main research interests include phraseology, discourse analysis, and historical linguistics.



Linguistic repertoires of Philippino house keepers in Spain: From a critical ethnographic perspective


The presentation will focus on Filipino domestic workers who are employed in the Spanish capital. Basing myself on an ethnographic focus in a critical ethnographic sociolinguistic (cf. Heller et al. 2018) for the data recompilation and the data analysis, the presentation highlights the multilingual everyday life, the linguistic repertoires, and the linguistic experience (cf. Busch 32021) of Filipino domestic workers in Madrid.