Eva Gugenberger
    Gugenberger, Eva

    Europa-Universität Flensburg  Alemania


    She is a Professor of Iberoromance Linguistics at the University of Flensburg, Germany. Her research interest focuses on migration linguistics, language contact and multilingualism, linguistic variation, language policy, and revitalization of minority languages.



    Bilingual education in Spain and Latin America. A contribution to linguistic revitalization?


    The presentation approaches bilingual education in Spain in a comparative manner – focused on the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Galicia, and the Basque Countr -, and in Latin America, considering the general evolution on the continent and some examples in selected countries. We start by positioning education in the political framework and language planning. Next, we will offer some general data about the minority languages and their juridic situation in Spain and Latin America. After outlining the sociolinguistic historical background, the development of bilingual education throughout the last decades will be addressed, also the achievements, problems, and challenges will be pointed out. The presentation will end with a small reflection on the role bilingual education plays in the conservation and revitalization of minorized languages.