Azucena De la Cruz
    De la Cruz, Azucena

    Kichwa Wayrapi, Cotacachi  Ecuador


    She fights for social equity and the reduction of racism. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a focus on Accounting and Computing. She has a Master’s in Intercultural Communication with a Gender Perspective and has completed a Diploma in Language Revitalization. She is the owner-manager of the tourism operator Wasipunko Tours. She is a social and cultural activist, particularly dedicated to the Kichwa language. Currently, she is the coordinator of the Kichwa Wayrapi collective, where she focuses on training Kichwa communicators, recognizing that language is like oxygen for life.



    Training community communicators to reinforce the Kichwa language


    Kichwa Wayrapi Collective is an alternative digital communication platform created to contribute to the revitalization of the Kichwa language. This medium stands out from mainstream media because it communicates from an Andean perspective, encompassing the experiences and personal experiences of each territory. The communication is heartfelt, reflecting our thoughts and roots, that is, in our Kichwa language.